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John Daly Is Sick And Tired Of Erectile Dysfunction Ads During Golf Tournaments

After missing the cut with a 153 (+13) on the first two days of the PGA Championship, 1991 champion John Daly became simply a golf fan and watched the drama unfold over the weekend. And like everybody, he had a bone(r) to pick with all the gosh-darned erectile dysfunction ads (and let’s be frank, all other networks as well) CBS insists on inundating the airwaves with during golf tournaments, not to mention the frequent flyer program spots. But in a CBS broadcast on Saturday that, according to Jonathan Wall’s calculations, featured a staggering three commercials for ever five shots aired, I believe Daly speaks for us all when he says he’s had his fill of ED spots, let alone nauseatingly frequent cuts to commercial breaks. Enough’s enough already: as far as ED commercials are concerned, I am pretty sure every man who has that particular issue is now fully aware of their many options.