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(Video) Alright, I Guess ESPN’s New ‘It’s Not Crazy, It’s Sports’ Ad Is Kinda Funny

See, the new “It’s Not Crazy, It’s Sports’ commercial, which will debut tonight during Monday Night Football (preseason, whee!) is amusing because the commercial tells the tale of a little girl and her dreams of how her future beau will propose marriage to her and illustrates how she envisions the “Decent Proposal” evolving as she grows into a young woman. “Stacy” realizes the moment is coming, and believe you me, after envisioning the magical moment her entire life, she cannot wait to see how it plays out.

That’s the amusing part. The funny part comes along after her boyfriend asks for her hand in marriage during a Detroit Tigers game when a fat guy spills beer on her after the awkward proposal. Ha. Fat guy. Ha. Beer.