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(Video) Usher Took Ball Away From Young Dodgers Fan As A Joke, Team Says

A video of an usher at Dodgers stadium taking a baseball away from a kid sitting behind home plate after he retrieved it has been making the rounds on the interwebs today and according to the team, it was all a joke that got completely taking out of context.

In the video, the boy triumphantly raises the ball in the air and gets some congratulatory high fives from fans sitting nearby after he comes up with a foul ball hit over the screen only to have the usher come up to him and take it away after the kid sits back in his seat. The television broadcast quickly cuts away back to the game just as the usher is making his way down some stairs, and that’s the reason viewers missed the hilarity of it all.

The explanation from the team, courtesy of Dodgers spokesman Josh Rawitch (via the Los Angeles Times):

“It was all in good fun. Unfortunately, the video cuts away too quickly,” Rawitch said. “Within seconds of him taking it away, he walked right back and gave it to him. Everyone ended up happy and smiling.”

Ha! That’s hilarious! What an elaborately-staged and well-executed bit of tomfoolery. There is nothing wrong with breaking a kid’s heart, just as long as it’s only temporary. Oh, and I’m sure that’s exactly how the situation went. Sorry, but I have to cite an immutable law of the interwebs that often comes into play when controversies such as these arise:

Video or it didn’t happen.

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