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(Video) Dad Returns From Tour In Afghanistan, Surprises Daughters At Minor League Game

Now, if this story doesn’t get the waterworks going or at the very least touch your heart, well, I feel sorry for you.

Gracie and Ruby Weichman, twin four-year-old girls, were all excited to take in a game featuring the hometown Spokane Indians and the visiting Yakima Bears, Short Season-A classification teams for the Texas Rangers and Arizona Diamondbacks, respectively. Little did they know that they had a surprise coming their way that not only thrilled them, but moved the entire crowd of 4,005 people at Avista Stadium on Monday night.

Gracie and Rubie had won a contest that allowed them to come down onto the field and participate in a paper toss during the fourth inning. Unbeknownst to the little girls, their daddy, Sgt. Chris Weichman, was back on American soil after completing his third tour of duty in Afghanistan. Even better, he was in the Indians dugout.

As the girls stood on the field, Sgt. Weichman emerged from the dugout and walked up to them. Of course, the girls, not knowing their father was home, ran across the field to him. Weichman dropped to his knees and tears flowed as he embraced his little girls and was reunited with his wife for the first time in six months.

Video follows.

What a beautiful moment. I think I have dust in my eye or something. This heartwarming story of a reunited family reminds me a lot of that show on TLC, Surprise Homecoming, but what makes this infinitely better is the absence of that dolt Billy Ray Cyrus. That never hurts to make any situation far more tolerable.

As many of you know, the norm here at the Sportress is to take a more whimsical look at the silly aspects of sports and poke fun at the personalities who populate it as well as the people on the outside who take it all far too seriously. But this is in essence what sports are all about: uniting people, to provide a means through which friends, families and loved ones can come together via the conduit of a shared experience. And this story exemplifies all those wonderful things about sports and even more so, highlights the sacrifices those in our military, as well as their families back home, make to serve our country.

We salute you, Sgt. Chris Weichman and although not in person, we feel honored that we could share in the joy you, your daughters and your wife experienced, one night, at the ballpark. Cheers. And welcome home.

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