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Sigh: Another Six-Year-Old Kid Made A Hole-In-One

Pictured above is young Braden Hill. He hails from Ypsilanti, Michigan and while on vacation in Hawaii, he made his first hole-in-one at the 14th hole from the kid’s tee (68 yards) at the Kaanapali Kai Course on Maui, which means this wee lad has already likely accomplished more during his short golfing career as I have in 20+ years. Sigh.

But according to his dad, Braden’s hole-in-one might develop into something of a double-edged sword, as the boy now expects to get a hole-in-one every time he goes out. From The Detroit News (via Yahoo!):

“I had to explain to him I’ve never gotten one, most golfers hadn’t ever had a hole-in-one,” said Brent Hill, Braden’s father. “Being 6, he hasn’t quite grasped it.”

To make matters more frustrating for hacks like me, Braden was rather ho-hum about his accomplishment:

“I was much more excited than he was and we had to finish the round right there,” Brent Hill said. “We went back into the club and Braden had to buy the drinks. At least for the four or five of us in the family.

“He wanted to keep playing but I was too excited. Looking back, I’m not sure it was the right decision. He was a couple strokes under par and was working on a real good round.”

Further, to make matters practically intolerable for miserable, miserable hacks like me, Braden is already quite the accomplished golfer, competing in three golf tournaments, winning two, while regularly hitting in the 40s. The 40s? Gee whiz. Sure, the boy plays on a much shorter course than you and I, but that simply takes into account his smaller size, which makes me feel awful. Just awful.

As I mentioned previously here at the Sportress in a post about the six-year-old girl who notched her first ace, hearing about these little whippersnappers performing so excellently on the golf course at such an early age really makes me want to hang it up, give up the ghost and tuck my clubs back into an unreachable area of the crawl space in my house. Either that or throw the whole damn set into a water hazard. Either way.

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