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People On’s Email Subscriber List Can Win Tickets To A Sade Concert

Wait. What?

While I am sure there are many ways through which one becomes a subscriber on’s email list, the reasons behind why are of no consequence now, because if you happen to be one of those very lucky people, you have likely already received the following message in your inbox (via Sports Grid):

“Hey baseball fans – want to experience what people are calling ‘the best concert
of the year’?

Here’s Your Chance!

Ticketmaster is flying one lucky fan +1 to Vegas to see SADE live – and IT COULD BE YOU!


With very special guest John Legend”

Wow. Talk about knowing your target audience. If there is one thing that is a certifiable fact, it’s that if one were to create a Venn Diagram featuring two sets: die-hard major league baseball fans and Sade devotees, the populations would be damn near completely overlapping. Whoever at MLB was behind this brilliant promotion sure is one “Smooth Operator”, if you know what I mean.