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Ever Seen A Badminton Player Rip Off His Shirt Celebrating A Victory? Now You Have

Despite a thorough search, I have not yet been able to locate video of Pablo Fabian’s demonstrative celebratory ripping-off-shirt routine after he vanquished foe Marc Zwiebler (21-17, 7-21, 24-22) in a tidy (or untidy, I have no idea) 74 minutes at the Yonex BWF (Badminton World Federation) World Championships in London, but I’ll be sure to update this post if I come across video documenting his rapturous post-match performance. If the ripping his shirt down the center wasn’t enough, Abian proceeded to slam is shirt down to the ground in victorious ecstasy:

Phenomenal. I just have to find the video of this. Photos just don’t do it justice. At least I suspect the photos don’t do it justice. Look at that intensity. This guy exudes joy. And uncontrollable, triumphant rage.  Or just rage. Hard to say, really.

Yonex BWF World Championships 2011: Taufik Crashes Out [Badminton Life]

[images via The Guardian]