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Now Young Fans Are Giving Souvenir Baseballs To Older Fans At Games

It certainly has developed into the Year of the Stories About Caught Souvenir Baseballs this season in the MLB. Some entries into the annals were quite controversial with shameful displays of selfishness, others were not controversial at all but some nattering nabobs of negativity insisted on turning them into something they were not (see comments section in the above linked post) and now we have what occurred Tuesday night during the Pittsburgh Pirates-San Francisco Giants game that comes straight out of Bizarro World: an adolescent Giants fan actually catching a ball in the stands and turning around and giving it to an adult fan. What the fungus?

As you can see in the video linked here (shame on you for not making this video embeddable), a foul ball is hit into the stands by Pirates catcher Ryan Doumit. The scraggly-haired lad comes down with it and while he clearly had possession of the ball, without any provocation on anyone’s part whatsoever, gladly handed the ball to the older gentlemen in the red jacket seated in the row in front of him, for which the boy receives a high five. How about that?

It turns out, as it was subsequently revealed by the Giants broadcasters, the boy was simply repaying the kind gesture paid to him by the Man in the Red Jacket, who had given the boy a ball that he had caught earlier in the game. Tit for tat. It’s nice when things work out like that, although I am sure that once again, some people will take issue with something that occurred in the video, like how the guy shouldn’t have accepted the ball from the kid or something. Some people, they just can’t leave well enough alone.

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