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Minor League Team Arkansas Travelers To Hold ‘Pre-Game Midget Wrestling’ Event

Throwing political correctness caution to the wind, the minor league outfit Arkansas Travelers have a “Pre-Game Midget Wrestling” event scheduled for August 12th. The Travelers, the Double-A affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim who play in the Texas League, have been down the Midget Wrestling path a few times before (here’s a slideshow from their 2006 foray into the glamorous world of midget wrestling), and appear to have no qualms with referring to these miniscule maulers with such an antiquated, insensitive name. But hey, this is Arkansas we’re talking about here. I keed, I keed! Salt of the earth, those Arkansas-ians.

The details on the event, via the Official Site of Minor League Baseball’s “Promo Preview”:

…Friday marks the return of pregame midget wrestling, a decidedly un-PC bout between Bobby Dean and Lil Kato. The winner receives the World Midget Wrestling Heavyweight Championship belt, custom designed for the petite waist.

Ooh, Bobby Dean and Lil Kato are squaring off? I don’t have to tell you there is no love lost between those two combatants. Granted, it’s not much love, given their diminutive stature, but for them, it sure feels like a lot.

But I have to be honest, using the term “Midget Wrestling” is so out of touch in the enlightened society we now live in. We have moved on, become more cognizant of how the words we use can alienate and ostracize those who might be a bit different from us. That is why I suggest the Travelers go with a more friendly name for the event:

Little Freak Wrestling. It’s a much more inclusive description of the event. You know, that way the wrestlers feel like they are members of a larger subset of society. Of freaks. Oh, I’m kidding, all you little people out there. Some of my best friends are little people. They all belong to a guild of some sort or another, but they won’t let me join. Now who’s being exclusionary and short-sighted?

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