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Like Allen Iverson, Aaron Rodgers Can’t Believe We’re Talking About Practice

After a particularly sloppy and underwhelming practice from the Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers on Monday night, quarterback Aaron Rodgers attempted to lighten the mood and quell any reasons for concern for Cheesehead Nation by performing a tongue-in-cheek impression of Allen Iverson’s infamous “We’re talking about practice” rant for the assembled media.

Via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel‘s Packers Blog:

“Practice? We talking about practice?” the quarterback said at Tuesday’s media session. “We’re not talking about a game. We’re talking about practice. … Uh, practice? I’m not overly concerned. It was a tough environment inside. We just have to clean things up a little bit. Too many mental mistakes.”

Well played, Mr. Rodgers. Now, if you would be so kind, from a Vikings fan to the quarterback of our most-hated rival: please continue to mimic Allen Iverson by getting some cornrows and tattoos. That would be hilarious.¬† And if you want to go play professional sports in Turkey, I suppose that’s fine¬† as well.

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