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Jay Cutler Says He Won’t Appear In Any Commercials Until He Wins A Super Bowl

So I guess you could say that the odds that you will see the Chicago Bears quarterback pimping some product on your television are slim to none, amirite?

Ah, I kid, but in an interview with Sports Illustrated, the surly Cutler insists that is why he hasn’t spent much time exploring the celebrity pitchman angle provided by his stardom: he doesn’t feel right about doing such a thing until he delivers Chicago a Super Bowl championship.

From the horse’s mouth (via Chicago Breaking Sports):

“I was in Denver, not a huge market, came to Chicago and haven’t really (sought out) a lot of marketing opportunities because we haven’t accomplished what I want to on the field yet,” Cutler said. “Until we get to the Super Bowl, win Super Bowls and are successful there, then I don’t think it’s right for me to go out there and venture into those other markets.”

If that’s what Cutler chooses to say is the reason why he hasn’t pursued marketing opportunities, that’s his prerogative, but I believe we all know the score here: to a company seeking out someone to endorse their product, Cutler is about as close to certifiable marketing poison as you can get. What company in their right mind would seek out Cutler, with his perceived bad attitude, haughty and off-putting facial expressions and, in my opinion, an overall unmarketable persona, to be the face of their product? Can you imagine how that pitch meeting would go? Unless the sit-down was to come up with an advertising angle featuring a known personality for some product called Jagoff Cologne or Douchejuice Cola that I haven’t heard of, I imagine it would not go very well.

On the other hand, I suppose there may have been scores of companies that have reached out to Cutler to promote their wares in the past, but Cutler is right on one thing: if you ask me, it’s likely going to require a Super Bowl championship for Cutler to adequately cultivate an image worthy of a celebrity pitchman. Unless there really is something called Jagoff Cologne, but who would ever use a cologne named that? Well, maybe Alex Rodriguez or someone like that, but talk about limiting your market reach.

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