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(Caption) Oh, Marvin Lewis! You’ll Never Get A Game Of Kickball Going With That Thing!

Hey, I’m all for NFL coaches attempting to lighten the mood and ease the workload by organizing activities that help take the players’ minds off the grueling nature of training camp, but come on, Coach Marvin Lewis: there is no way that ball is going to work for a kickball tournament. Look at the size of that thing! Even with the size and strength of professional football players, there is no way anyone is going to be able to kick that thing out of the infield. I mean, you need the help of one of your Cincinnati Bengals players just to move the gosh-darned thing!

Silly Marvin Lewis. I think the grind of coaching the Bungles for eight years, going on nine now, has finally started to take a horrible toll on him. Poor guy.

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