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Wake N’ Blog: Want To Buy A Penis-Themed Leaning Tower Souvenir In Pisa? Too Bad

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• Yep, in news that I am sure will spoil your next visit to the town of Pisa, Italy, erotic-themed souvenirs have now been banned in the city’s shops by the mayor. Any vendor caught selling t-shirts depicting the Leaning Tower as a penis or aprons highlighting Michelangelo’s David’s penis face a fine of up to $700. Mama mia! [msnbc]

• This photo of Lions fans wearing spandex with cell phones stuffed in their crotches are as disturbing as you would expect them to be. [Busted Coverage]

• Radio host Tony Bruno has been suspended one week for his “illegal alien” comments about a Giants pitcher. [Off the Bench]

• An irate fan sent hate mail after seeing Tim Tebow wear his hat backwards. [Larry Brown Sports]

• Fantastic piece regarding how Steve Williams broke the caddie code with his antics on Sunday. [Devil Ball Golf]

• Ron Artest hung out with Celene Dion in Vegas. Yep. [With Leather]

• Here’s a pic of Chris Bosh’s ginormous back tattoo. [The Basketball Jones]

• Video of Real Madrid taking on 109 Chinese kids in a soccer match. [Outside the Boxscore]

• Hines Ward riding on top of the Batmobile? Hines Ward riding on top of the Batmobile. [Bob’s Blitz]

• Speaking of which, here are some ideas about if more fictional cities had sports teams. [TAUNTR]

• Peter King: the douche that time forgot. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

• Brilliant: Realistic Stadium Bathroom Rules. [Sports Pickle]

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