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Today In Head-Scratching Comments: Nick Barnett On Being ‘A Part Of This Bills’ Mafia’

While he was busy carving out a respectable eight-year career on the field as a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, including winning a Super Bowl championship last season, I’m pretty confident Nick Barnett was not spending a lot of time paying attention to the trials and tribulations of the Buffalo Bills. It would be a compliment to say that the woeful franchise has achieved even a modicum of relevance in the NFL over the past 10 years (one winning season) , so for Barnett to say the following regarding his ending up in Buffalo as a free agent during a recent interview with Eric Smith on The Fan 590 in Toronto is, as referenced above, a bit of a head-scratcher.

Via Sports Radio Interviews:

How tough it was this offseason for him in free agency:

“The funny thing about this year is that teams didn’t have a lot of time to work these free agents. Of course they did their due diligence with seeing who was available but for me not knowing if I was going to be available or not it was just a chaos process. Luckily it worked out well for me. I found a home in a great place with great fans and so much potential. I’m excited about being here, excited about my home. Sad to leave Green Bay but that’s part of the business. Things happen. I spent eight years and you don’t see a lot of people doing that in this day and age in the NFL. I’m excited to have accomplished that but it’s time to move on and be a part of this Bills’ mafia.”

Bills mafia? What the heck? Am I missing something here? The word “mafia” conjures up images of well-organized, immensely successful and expertly run organizations (albeit nefariously corrupt ones), not, you know, the Bills. Unless we’re talking about some backwards, inept mafia-type organization. Like the Canadian mafia. Haven’t heard of them? There you go. Their problem is they are far too nice to accomplish anything, except getting the Bills to play a few games in Toronto from time to time, and let’s be honest, that’s not the kind of achievement to hang your hat on.

UPDATE: Thanks to some intrepid commenters, I have now been made aware of the “Bills Mafia” referenced in Barnett’s comments. Now his quote makes much more sense. Thanks for the heads up and pointing out my laziness, folks.

Nick Barnett’s Is Excited To “Be A Part Of This Bills’ Mafia” [Sports Radio Interviews]