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Jason Garrett: Defining A Physical Team Is A Lot Like Defining Pornography

Apologies for two Dallas Cowboys-themed posts in such rapid succession (see the story regarding Miles & Tony’s Date Night here), but the comments made by head coach Jason Garrett regarding the difficulty in defining what exactly a physical team was far too titillating to pass up. Yep, Garrett compared the attempts at defining a physical team to the complexities involved in defining pornography.

The quote in its entirety can be found here, but what follows is the relevant excerpt for the purposes of our discussion:

“it’s hard to define but you know what it is when you see it; it’s a physical sport,” Garrett said. “At the end of the day, you need to be the one doing the hitting rather than being the hit-ee. It’s little bit like the description of pornography from years back. It’s hard to define it. But you know what it is at the end of it. It’s hard to define it. I think you know who is more physical.”

Ha. Bow-chick-a-bow-wow. Yes, much like porn, determining who is doing the hitting and who is the hit-ee is definitely a worthwhile component of what you are watching and attempting to define. But if I could, allow me to summarize Garrett’s theory about the similarities between defining a physical team and pornography (at least at its core and purest form) a bit more succinctly:

It’s all about the penetration.

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