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Every Detail Has Been Covered In ‘FIFA 12’, Even Wayne Rooney’s Hair Transplant

Back in June, the soccer world was abuzz (perhaps “abuzz” isn’t the right word in light of topic, but I digress) regarding Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney emerging for the first time in public with his brand-spanking new hair transplant. Well, leave it to the folks at Electronic Arts Sports to make sure that their new soccer video game, FIFA 12, has the many shades, textures and surgically-inserted follicles that color the grand game covered down to the minutest details, including, as you can see above, Rooney’s aforementioned hair plugs. And boy, does his scalp look simply smashing. It makes him look, three, four months younger. Sy Sperling would be proud…if he wasn’t so dead inside.

[H/T EPL Talk]