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Contest: Mimic Tim Lincecum’s Delivery, Win The Chance To Hit Against Him

Earlier this year, a video emerged featuring San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum delivering a pitch in super-slow-motion (above). It was sponsored by something called “Red Bull Moments” and now the partnership between the “unique” tasting beverage (but mighty tasty with Jäger…Jäger) and the pitcher has been taken to another level: there will now be a contest where the person who can best duplicate Lincecum’s unorthodox delivery will win the opportunity to step up to the plate and take a few rips (and likely misses) at some pitches from the right-hander during spring training next year.

The details of the contest, via the San Francisco Chronicle:

The entry period for fans to submit their best version of the right-hander’s pitching motion began Tuesday and goes through Sept. 16. They can go to

Lincecum says the “Red Bull Ultimate” competition will be judged in multiple rounds based on creativity, originality, performance and skill level, and demonstrated passion for the sport and Lincecum.

Entries are limited to one per person.

So, set up your video cameras or what have you and try duplicating the windup and delivery showcased in the above video. You just might get to hang out with Tim Lincecum at spring training. Heck, play your cards right and perhaps you might even get drilled with a pitch from Lincecum because obviously, you’ll have no idea what the hell you’re doing while shaking in your shoes in the batter’s box. I know if I won, I would look as inept and hopeless as John Kruk did against Randy Johnson in the 1993 All-Star Game. But then again, I’m kind of a neo maxi zoom dweebie.

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