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Brewers Closer Desperately Wants To Be An AXE Body Spray Pitchman

Milwaukee Brewers closer John Axford is having one helluva season: not only individually (32 saves in 34 chances), but in the team sense of the game as well, as he and the Brew Crew currently sit atop the NL Central standings, three games up on the St. Louis Cardinals. But something was missing for this, shall we say, “unique” closer (note: now there are two words that never go together, but if you need evidence, here he is playing ping pong and here is the first page of his profile in Maxim).

So, what was lacking in Axford’s life? he wants to be a pitchman for AXE Body Spray. It makes sense when you think about it, Axford – AXE Body Spray, the copy practically writes itself. But how bad does he want to develop a relationship with the AXE line of products, you ask? So desperately, he even created his own sample ad, as you can see above. Double Pits to the Chesty, indeed.

Axford unveiled his creation last night on Twitter, and while he admitted that Photoshop is hard, he was overall pleased with his work output, adding that his ad has a retro feel to it. Personally? I think it is phenomenal. If this doesn’t attract the attention of the brain wizards at AXE, nothing will.

[H/T Bugs & Cranks]