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Here’s A Spartans Defensive Tackle’s Hatred Of The Wolverines In Tattoo Form

Above is a photo showcasing some new ink junior Michigan State University Spartans defensive tackle Jerel Worthy got recently which pretty much encapsulates the negative feelings he was for his squad’s cross-state rivals, the Michigan Wolverines. As you can see, it features a Spartan, armed with sword, standing victorious over his vanquished foe: a Wolverine sporting a Michigan helmet. Pretty cool, indeed.

So, tell us, Mr. Worthy, what prompted you to articulate your hatred of the Wolverines in tattoo form? From the Dayton Daily News (via Dr. Saturday):

“It was something that I just thought up,” he said. “I was thinking about getting a Spartans tattoo anyway. I threw a couple ideas up in the air and this is what we came up with.

“… I was with some friends who play for Michigan. I have a lot of guys that I grew up with in the city of Dayton; I was with those guys. It was laughs and giggles. They actually thought it was pretty cool. My strength coach and the other coaches approved of it. I’m going to live with it and go with it.”

Fair enough. However, is a battle to the death between a spartan and a wolverine even a fair fight? I question the appropriateness of such a tattoo. Instead of armed combat between a warrior and a weasel, albeit a ferocious one, what would the outcome be if the Spartan had to take on a wolverine in a competition that better takes into account the member of the Mustelidae family’s unique gifts, say, skinning the rivals and turning each of the competitors’ hides into a warm, water-resistant parka? I think we all know who would come out ahead in that one.

Further, what’s next for Worthy? Does he plan on getting additional tattoos depicting a Spartan defeating other rivals’ namesakes? For instance, now that Nebraska is a member of the Big Ten, should Worthy get a tattoo of a Spartan out-shucking a Cornhusker? Actually, that one would be pretty cool. I say go for it, Jerel.

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