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Rex Grossman Appears To Have Put On A Little Bit Of Weight During The Lockout

Moobs? Check. Spare tire? Check. The perceived attitude of overall jolliness? Check again. Not that I should talk, but it certainly looks like Washington Redskins signal caller really enjoyed the NFL lockout. And by “enjoyed” I of course mean he has now been banned from every all-you-can-eat buffet within 25 miles of his home.

Seriously, what’s the deal with athletes playing for Washington D.C.’s sports teams developing a bit of a paunch during the offseason? First it was Alexander Ovehckin, now it’s Rex Grossman. All I know is if John Wall shows up on the interwebs weighing 325 pounds, it might indicate there is something of an epidemic occurring in our nation’s capital. An epidemic of overeating. But who really cares, right? It just means there’s more of the Sex Cannon for the ladies to love.

[H/T @tascma (via Shutdown Corner)]