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Knicks Owner James Dolan Singing ‘Fix The Knicks’ Causes Us All To Die A Little Bit Inside

Oh my. This is just awful. Patently, soul-crushingly, ear-bleedingly awful. Yep, that’s New York Knickerbockers owner James L. Dolan performing the little ditty (I’d personally call it a “don’ty) “Fix The Knicks” with his band “The Straight Shot” before an Aretha Franklin concert. And it’s horrible. And embarrassing.

Originally, I planned to transcribe the lyrics as part of this post, but then I realized that it is already bad enough that I have corrupted the archives here at the Sportress sufficiently enough by embedding this miscarriage of music.

Did I mention it’s awful? I did? Good. Because it is. I mean really, really bad. “Allowing Isiah Thomas to run your organization” bad.

[H/T SLAM (via Ball Don’t Lie)]