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(Video) The Oakland A’s Play Defense Like My Nephew’s Tee Ball Team

Granted, they are much bigger and make a bunch of money, but the defensive acumen the infield of the Oakland Athletics displayed on this play during Tuesday night’s game is any indication when Brendan Ryan reached third on an infield single, some remedial defensive drills more appropriate for six-year-old boys might be in order.

Seattle Mariners shortstop Brendan Ryan hit a ball deep into the hole at short, where Eric Bedard fielded it but was unable to make a strong throw to first, pulling first baseman Conor Jackson off the bag and even if his throw had been true with some heat behind it, because of Ryan’s hustle, the batter probably would have been safe either way.

Now this is where the skullduggery and tomfoolery begins: as Jackson walks the ball back to the mound, Ryan noticed no one was covering second base, so he makes a mad dash to the bag, sliding in safe without a throw. Ryan then noticed no one covering third, either, so he took that bag as well. Unbelievable. Just like what occurs at my nephew’s tee ball games, I imagine there were a bunch of people yelling, “THROW THE BALL!! THROW IT!”

The Athletics themselves were unable to come up with a decent explanation for the colossal defensive brain fart (via

“I don’t even know what to say,” Jackson said. “I’ve never seen anything like that. That’s a first. I turn around and he’s halfway to second and no one’s there. I didn’t want to throw it, with no one out there, and then he gets all the way to third base.”

Not surprisingly, it was a career first for Ryan.

“Not two [bases],” he said. “I’ve done second a few times, but not two of them. It’s really just a wacky opportunity that presented itself and I was just looking for the next bag and was able to get it.”

A’s manager Bob Melvin simply chalked it up to “a communication problem.”

“When Sizemore goes for the ball, and Sogard comes in behind him, Sizemore has to cover second, Sogard has third, Weeks is backing up first,” he said. “It’s not a lack of hustle or focus, just a lack of communication. When they saw him going to second, they both broke for second, and then he broke for third.”

Yes, lack of communication. Or a reason to order a bunch of Tom Emanski Instructional Videos for repeat viewing in the clubhouse. Well done, Oakland Athletics. You have given us a tremendous video with which we can mock and ridicule your team for days to come. Bravo.

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