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Rejoice, Interwebs, For It Has Been Reported That Jeff Reed Is Back In The NFL

Oh, happy days, happy days, indeed. According to a tweet from the always-reliable Adam Schefter, the Seattle Seahawks, in need of a kicker after Olindo Mare jumped ship for Carolina, have signed Jeff Reed, the raddest, drunkest, party-hardiest brah who has ever booted a football through a couple of uprights. Sure, it was only but a moment that he was away, but that was far too long. You see, Jeff Reed cannot be stopped. You can only hope to contain him.

The tweet that sent the interwebs a-rockin’:

After losing Olindo Mare to Carolina, Seattle reached agreement today with former Steelers kicker Jeff Reed on a one-year deal.

Welcome back, Jeff Reed. It has been far too long since the Pittsburgh Steelers unceremoniously released you. Sure, the 49ers picked you up shortly thereafter, but the team decided to play it safe (harsh!) and signed David Akers last week. San Fran wasn’t the right scene for you, anyway, brah. Seattle is much more your kind of town. I expect big things from you, my brother. Like public urination and overall nonsensical, over-the-top drunken debauchery.

Let us now relive some of the inebriated, good-time, um, goodness Jeff Reed has afforded us over the years. Off to the Sportress archives! And believe me, that’s just the tip of the iceberg as it pertains to the wonderful contributions Jeff Reed has made to interweb lore. Go seek it out and ye shall find it.

[via @AdamSchefter]