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Clearly, Andy Reid Has Never Seen ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’

With the bevy of splashy moves the Philadelphia Eagles organization has made since the lifting of the lockout in assembling quite the formidable roster, head coach Andy Reid has started to have to field questions regarding the belief that the Iggles are in the midst of creating a super-powered, unstoppable force that opponents will tremble in fear upon facing on the gridiron, or in other words, some kind of “Dream Team.” Given Reid’s recent response, he would like to shed that label as quickly as it has been applied to his team.

Via Pro Football Talk:

“I’ve heard you guys comment about Dream Teams and all that stuff, and players come in talking about it, and all of that, but these guys haven’t had an opportunity to practice,” Reid said. “So right now we’ve got a lot of good-looking guys standing around watching. Obviously, dreams aren’t reality.”

Fair enough. Dreams, technically, are not reality. I’m glad Reid cleared that one up for us. However, there are occasions where the dream world, through means not always understandable to the human mind, can infiltrate or become intertwined with the real world, often times in ways that are a danger for those who attempt to harness the power of the unknown. I guess all I am saying is if the Philadelphia Eagles announce the signing of a Frederick Krueger to their practice squad, look out, because while I cannot say exactly what Philadelphia aims to accomplish with such a drastic move, it won’t be pretty.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a Dokken video to watch on YouTube. Sweet dreams.

Note: Originally, instead of “A Nightmare On Elm Street” reference, I was going to go with an allusion to the movie Dreamscape, but I figured perhaps only five of you at best would get the reference, given the age of that particular film. But in any event, that Dennis Quaid. What an actor.

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