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Website Wants Mark Cuban To Own The Dodgers So Bad, They’re Selling T-Shirts

Picture above is one of the shirts available for retail at, a grassroots organization consisting of rogue Los Angeles Dodgers fans who have had enough and are hellbent on removing the inept Frank McCourt from power and inserting a regime headed by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. They refuse to be oppressed under the thumb of McCourt’s corrupt organization any longer. ¡Viva la Revolución!

The group’s revolutionary mission, via their official site:

Welcome to As diehard Los Angeles Dodger fans, we’ve grown accustomed to the continual assault on our team’s rich heritage at the hands of one Frank McCourt. Like you, we no longer care to make sense of legal motions, divorce proceedings or bankruptcy claims.  All we care about is the future of our team- a future without the delusional, gluttonous McCourt and a future with an owner who will put the Dodgers and their fans first. 

Whether or not you think that Mark Cuban is such an owner, all Dodger fans can easily agree that McCourt needs to go.  Somehow though, Frank just doesn’t get it.  We’re here to help make sure he understands, in clear terms, that Dodger fans want him gone and soon. 

When you purchase a shirt from, we’ll automatically send a friendly postcard to Mr. McCourt himself on your behalf.  Support the prospects of a real owner like Mark Cuban while joining other Dodger fans in making sure Frank McCourt knows exactly how you feel!

The postcard is depicted below (click to enlarge), but the shirts (available for as little as $15 – or $20 for the “McCrook” version) are what will really get the countercultural movement headed in the right direction. As they old saying goes, “Once something has been emblazoned on a t-shirt and available for sale, an unstoppable movement has begun.” Okay, that’s not technically an old saying, but the guy who works at the silk-screening kiosk at my local mall has a shirt with that saying on it, so there you go. Quite the entrepreneur, that dude, not to mention something of a rebel. He’s like the Che Guevera of the food court.

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