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That’s It? Rex Ryan Reveals Boring Meaning Behind New Tattoo

On a recently uploaded video to the New York Jets official Facebook page, head coach Rex Ryan revealed the meaning behind his brand-spanking new tattoo on his calf, and if you ask me, it’s a bit of letdown and somewhat underwhelming.

“My new tat means, believe in yourself, which I got no problem doing.”

Wow. That’s, uh, lame. Does Ryan derive and infer meanings to other things in his life courtesy of overly saccharine ballads performed by Lenny Kravitz? Perhaps that truly is what Ryan wished to express by getting the new ink, but given his larger-than-life persona and bombastic personality, it wasn’t unreasonable to expect something, I don’t know, more profound, more interesting. Maybe something to do with foot fetishism or the fact that it is a symbolic representation of some ancient Art of War-based practice of having your lesser enemies vanquish your even more hated, albeit more formidable, enemies. Just a thought.

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