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(Photo) Um, Yeah, The Eagles’ New Defensive Coordinator Is A Pretty Intense Guy

If headbutting a helmeted football player while not wearing a helmet is a good idea, then it’s safe to say that Juan Castillo, the new defensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles, is something of a friggin’ genius. And an intense one at that.

The brilliant photo by the AP’s Rich Schultz depicts Castillo slamming his head into the helmet of second year player Keenan Clayton. Apparently, Castillo was not pleased with Clayton’s performance during a drill. After getting in Clayton’s face after the player didn’t keep his head and eyes up during a shedding blockers drill, Castillo went on to do the most insane, potentially concussion-causing thing imaginable: he headbutted Clayton. So hard and with so much force, in fact, that it resulted in a cut opening up on Castillo’s forehead.

So, yeah, hopefully the rest of the Eagles defensive squad are quick learners. Otherwise, their new defensive coordinator is going to be a drooling, brain-damaged invalid before even the first regular season game is played.

Practice notes: Castillo’s ‘in your face’ approach [Moving the Chains (via The700Level)]