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Hey, Look! Patriots Rookie QB Ryan Mallett Had To Carry The Other QB’s Shoulder Pads!

Ha! Take that, rookie! You just got healthy dose of a little something the veterans call a good old fashioned rookie hazing, good sir! Imagine having to not only carry your own shoulder pads back to the locker room from the practice field but also suffering the indignity of carrying the pads of the other fellows who play the same position as you. Look, he has Tom Brady’s shoulder pads and Brian Hoyer’s pads as well! Burn!

Yeah, I bet Ryan Mallett thought was going to waltz into New England Patriots training camp and suffer nary an embarrassment, not one awkward experience, but I bet even he got the message quite clearly. Hey Ryan, you’re not in (Ar)kansas anymore. Get it?

It’s stuff like this that makes me relieved that I never pursued a career in NFL quarterbacking.

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