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Sporting News Headline Fail: ‘Mike Modana says playoff travel was interesting’

It’s a bit of a stretch, but reading ‘Mike Modana’ made me think of Madonna and now I am left with the disturbing image of Mike Modano wearing one of those cone bra thingies. And I shouldn’t have to tell you how unsettling that is.

A side note: far be from me to poke fun at another person’s typographical error. Crap, there could very well be one in this very post. Simply put, this is just a whimsical little nugget that by no means implies that the headline writers at Sporting News are any more incompetent than yours truly or that they do not usually do a fine job. It’s just something that elicited a mild chuckle for me on this lazy Monday morning. Nothing more, nothing less.

Mike Modana says playoff travel was interesting [Sporting News]