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Alexander Ovechkin Is Kind Of A ‘Big Deal’ (In Candy Bars)

It’s a certifiable fact that Alexander Ovechkin is as entertaining off the ice as he is on the ice, especially as it pertains to the NHL offseason. So far this summer, he has been interviewed sporting what appears to be something of a beer gut, then it was him wearing this crazy getup at a Russian soccer match. And those are just the tip of the iceberg for his wild and crazy offseason antics from years past (check the archives here at the Sportress for evidence).

Now, Ovie is getting involved in the Canadian candy bar market. Ladies and gentlemen: Alexander Ovechkin, the new face of Big Deal candy bars.

From Russian Machine Never Breaks:

Friday, former Capitals’ Web producer and back-up to the back-up to the back-up goalie Brett Leonhardt tweeted a photo of the new Ovi-themed packaging for Mr. Big Deal, a spinoff of Mr. Big bar which gets its name due to the fact it is, well, pretty freakin’ big.

The wrapping features some words of encouragement to the would-be eater from Ovi, as he urges them to “Be big deal like me!” and chomp down on the vanilla wafer, peanuts, caramel, rice crisps, and, of course, chocolaty goodness.

“Be big deal like me!” Awesome. Even his advertising slogans are in Ovechkin’s trademark broken English. In Canada, Big Deal eats you! Or whatever.

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