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Puck Daddy’s ‘Mike Commodore 64 Drive’ Ends Not With A Bang, But A Whimper

It was a brilliant idea from the great hockey minds over at Puck Daddy: with defenseman Mike Commodore signing a free agent contract with the Detroit Red Wings, it was the perfect time to pair a hockey jersey number and a new start into a perfectly executed reference to an antiquated piece of 1908s home computing. Given that no one on the Detroit Red Wings has ever wore the number 64, wouldn’t it be brilliant if Commodore wore that number in honor of the Commodore 64? Sure, some of you young whippersnappers out there in Internetland probably have no idea what the Commodore 64 was, but to old fuddy duddies like me remember the home computer-gaming system with great reverence and nostalgia.

PD’s Greg Wyshynski eloquently and persuasively laid out all the compelling reasons as to why this would be a brilliant idea in a post published earlier this month. He even offered up $64 to be donated to Commodore’s favorite charity if he decided to wear the number 64 to pay homage to obsolete computer system. Sadly, it was not to be: in a series of tweets yesterday on Wednesday, Commodore regretfully put the kibosh on the “Mike Commodore 64 Drive” and will instead wear number 22 (via Puck Daddy):

I guess word is out that I will be wearing 22 this year. It was a really tough decision that I went back and forth on many times … wearing 64 would have been neat and cool, but I just didn’t feel like this was the right year to do it. In my opinion getting an … opportunity to play in Detroit is a special thing, and I felt like I needed to wear a # that is special to me. 22 is that # for me … I really appreciate the interest and support the #64 generated, I wish @Commodore64 all the best with there computers, as a matter a fact I … am going to order one when I get to Detroit, and I will get in touch with @wyshynski about the $64 pledges, and I will match it and donate … money to charity. Which charity that is I don’t know yet, but I will figure it that out in sept when I get to Detroit.

It’s a shame, but I respect Commodore’s decision. It appears he put a lot of thought into it and made the call that he felt was best for him and the Red Wings organization. I guess we will just have to wait patiently for the next opportunity to make a killer reference to present itself. Who knows? Maybe there is some kid named TRS strapping on his first pair of skates as we speak, dreaming of one day wearing the number 80 in the NHL. Better yet, perhaps some young hotshot is toiling in the minors named TurboGrafx who would be open to wearing number 16.

What’s that? How about a player named Nintendo who would want to throw on a hockey sweater bearing the number 64? Please. Don’t be ridiculous. Like there is anyone out there with the name Nintendo. That’s kooky talk. Let’s try and be realistic here, people.

Mike Commodore 64 update: The dream ends as Commie picks 22 [Puck Daddy]
(image courtesy of Deadspin)