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Poll: Derek Jeter Ties Babe Ruth As Greatest Yankee Ever Because Chicks Dig Him

In a poll conducted of 1,528 New Yorkers by the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, “The Captain” Derek Jeter tied the “Sultan of Swat” Babe Ruth as the greatest New York Yankees player ever, with each receiving 23% of the vote. While Jeter’s contributions to Yankee lore should never be estimated, and in light of the immediacy of said contributions, one should not be surprised that Jeter would receive a lion’s share of the vote. But given Ruth’s monumental and otherworldly career statistics, not to mention his larger-than-life persona, which achieved mythic proportions during his life and still resonates today, to most baseball traditionalists, Ruth is easily the greatest Yankees player who ever lived in a landslide.

So, how could this happen, you ask? The reliability of polls as a means to adequately ascertain the true opinions of a population aside, the answer is a relatively simple one. The chicks can’t help themselves: they can’t get enough of the handsome Jeter.

Via the New York Daily News:

In the Derek Jeter versus Babe Ruth contest, women voted overwhelmingly in favor of the current Yankees captain (30% to 16%), whereas men still gave the deceased Baseball Hall of Fame star the top honors.

A more thorough rundown of the results of the poll is available here. But insofar as the favoritism displayed by the ladies towards Derek Jeter over Babe Ruth is concerned, I have to ask: have they taken a good look at the Bambino? Portly, yes, but when we’re talking about possessing all the qualities and attributes of the quintessential lady-killer, Ruth had it all. Further, I always thought chicks dug the long ball, and consequently, the men who hit them, not pretty boy Lotharios. Lesson learned.

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