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Jalen Rose Tweets Comment About ‘Haters’, Promptly Deletes It (But Not Soon Enough)

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Above is a screencap from my Google Reader page which illustrates how Twackle managed to document a tweet by ESPN NBA analyst Jalen Rose before he wisely deleted it (here’s the page I arrived at when I clicked through on the hyperlink). What drew Rose’s ire was the fact that all the “haters” who have been criticizing him on Twitter are simply not famous enough for their comments regarding his DWI conviction on Wednesday and the speeding ticket he got shortly after his court appearance to warrant any worth. You see, in Jalen’s world, unless you have “2k” followers on Twitter, your opinions are inconsequential and without merit. And stop tweeting so damn much if you don’t have a lot of followers, losers. I mean haters.

I have to agree with Jalen, it certainly is #ironic. Don’t ya think?