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Wake N’ Blog: You Can’t Even Hang Giant Plastic Testicles On Your Truck Anymore

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• While the debate rages on over raising our nation’s debt ceiling, a far more serious issue is facing our great country: the fact that there are people who wish to infringe upon our rights to display a giant set of ‘nads on our pickup trucks. Virginia Tice, 65, was ticketed by Bonneau Police Chief Franco Fuda in South Carolina after the officer noticed she had a giant plastic pair of testicles dangling off the back of her truck. Fuda believed the testicles violated state obscenity laws and Tice faces a fine of $445, but the case is headed to a jury trial. Fight the power, Viriginia Tice. [Yahoo!]

• ESPN’s Jalen Rose is headed to jail. [With Leather]

• The New England Patriots traded for disgruntled Redskin Albert Haynesworth. He will now go on and have a Hall of Fame career. [Larry Brown Sports]

• I don’t know what to make of this video of a guy being interviewed about the Norway bombing attack who instead would rather talk about his gym workout. [Off the Bench]

• Ravens QB Joe Flacco is not short on confidence. [Shutdown Corner]

• The Old Spice Guy is going to end the NBA lockout. Good for him. [The Basketball Jones]

• KISS’s Gene Simmons attended a CFL game last week. There you go. [Outside the Boxscore]

• Two New York teams, the Jets and the Mets, are headed in opposite directions. [The Legend of Cecilio Guante]

• I don’t know what’s more strange: that I am linking to a story about Doug Mientkiewicz or the fact the story is about how Doug Mientkiewicz is selling his $3 million home. [Busted Coverage]

• Jerry Meals’ historically bad safe calls. [TAUNTR]

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