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Rory McIlroy Behaves Like Petulant Teenager On Twitter, Blasts Commentator

Apparently, Rory McIlroy does not respond to criticism too well, especially when it is directed at his caddie.

After an opening round at the Irish Open, a round which saw McIlroy hit his ball into the drink on the 18th hole which resulted in a double bogey and dropped his score to a one-under 70, BBC Radio commentator Jay Townsend, who is also working for the Golf Channel this week) made some critical comments regarding the golfer’s course management, calling it “shocking”, and placed at least a lion’s share of the blame upon McIlroy’s bagman, JP Fitzgerald, tweeting that Rory “should hire Stevie Williams, as I thought JP allowed some SHOCKING course management today.” Rawr.

As you can see above, McIlroy’s youth once again reared its ugly head (much like when he whined about the playing conditions at the Open Championship), as he immaturely responded to Townsend’s critique with a personal attack on the commentator’s relative worth and failures as a golf professional. After all, Townsend, a commentator, had the audacity to, you know, comment on what he was covering. The nerve of some people.

For what it’s worth, after McIlroy’s Twitter-based outburst of petulance, Townsend replied, “Sorry, but I stand by my comments” to which McIlroy retorted, “well, I stand by my caddie.” The online spat appears to have been wrapped up with Townsend tweeting, “As you should, I respect that.”

Wow, writing that was a lot like how a high school girl tells a story about two of her friends bickering. All that was needed was some a “like” sprinkled here and there in the text, as in, “So, Rory was all like ‘Shut up,’ and then OMG, Jay was totally like, ‘Uh-uh,’  and so Rory was all like, ‘What–ever, Jay.'”

Ouch. Now my brain hurts.

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