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(Photo) Does Evgeni Malkin Have A New Smoking Hot Girlfriend Question Mark?

To answer the question posed above, I have no freaking clue. But according to Twitterer @usbzoso (via PSAMP), the above photo is evidence that the Pittsburgh Penguins superstar is now somehow involved with this extremely comely young lass. And even if turns out that she is not Evgeni Malkin’s new super hot girlfriend, what harm can come from the irresponsible speculation? She is quite attractive and what guy would complain about rumors swirling on the interwebs regarding the possibility that she might be their new girlfriend? No harm, no foul, I say. I mean, look at the photo: she is sitting in close proximity to Malkin. That’s gotta mean something, right? Maybe.

As you puckheads out there are well aware, Malkin went down with a serious knee injury way back in early February and did not play in another game this season after sustaining it, playing in only 43 games during the Pens’ 2010-11 campaign. One can only hope that if in fact this gorgeous gal is his new girlfriend, her mere presence probably makes any rehab Malkin might still doing to get his knee back in shape is that much easier to tolerate.

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