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Carmelo Anthony Holding A Panda? Carmelo Anthony Holding A Panda

While not much context is required to enjoy and appreciate this photo – Carmelo Anthony is holding a panda, what more do you need? But I did a little interweb research and discovered that Carmelo Anthony is on a tour of China with Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade, so it is reasonable to assume that the above photo was taken over there. You know, because pandas are from there and stuff.

Jeez, get a look at how the better half live, folks. Millions of dollars, globetrotting, cuddling with pandas. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I just hope Anthony’s pet camel doesn’t find out about this and becomes jealous of Carmelo snuggling with other members of the exotic animal kingdom. Those camels can be quite possessive.

[image via @carmeloanthony]