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(Video) Andres Blanco Passes Gas, Waves Noxious Fumes Over In Adrian Beltre’s Direction

The best part? Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” is playing in the background. Get it? Ha! There you go.

During the 4th inning of Tuesday night’s game between the Texas Rangers and Minnesota Twins, infielder Andres Blanco has a little dugout fun by digging out a fart and waving it in the direction of teammate Adrian Beltre.

Beltre, understandably, does not appear to much appreciate Blanco’s gaseous generosity, as he proceeded to promptly slap the offending farter upon realization that he had been given the figurative open-aired Dutch Oven. Now, an open-aired Dutch Oven (think of it as cooking on a Weber grill with the lid off, only with farts) is certainly not as offensive as a traditional Dutch Oven, but depending on the wind breaker’s regular diet and most recent meals, it can nevertheless remain a horrendous experience.

One last note regarding the amusing video: Blanco is currently on the disabled list with a stress reaction (lower back), so perhaps grunting out a fart isn’t the best idea. I mean, you know how unpredictable stress reactions can be during recovery. Actually, I don’t. I have no idea what any of that means.

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