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Up Next On Nat Geo: ‘When Praying Mantises Attack (Easily Frightened Baseball Players)’

Gold. During the Florida Marlins-Washington Nationals game on Tuesday night, Logan Morrison was minding his own business in the dugout when he happened upon a Praying Mantis relaxing on the protective barrier fence. The Praying Mantis, apparently perturbed by the Marlins player’s proximity, viciously attacked Morrison (or as viciously as an insect can attack a grown man), ending up on Morrison’s shoulder during its display of outright aggression. This clearly scared the bejeezus out of Morrison, who reacted as one would expect a little girl to if the same thing happened to her. Perhaps Morrison suffers from an extreme case of Entomophobia. Hard to say.

I do, however, have to give Morrison some credit for having a sense of humor regarding the entire traumatic experience. After somebody created a Twitter account for the Praying Mantis, @LoMoMantis, Morrison sent the following message:

@LoMoMantis sorry we got off on the wrong foot! You cant go in for the kill right after I wave though. Let me get to know u for 5 min.

Well played, Logan Morrison. A tip of the cap to you, sir.

And what would a post featuring the majestic insect be without a little trivia about its species? Did you know that a female Praying Mantis will eat the male after mating? In light of that interesting factoid, I guess you could say, in baseball player relationship terms, that the Praying Mantis is kind of like the Tawny Kitaen of the insect world. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

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