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Sweet Merciful Crap, Peter King Picked The Lions To Reach The Super Bowl (Kind Of)

Oh, Peter King: you cad! But seriously, the Lions? Come on, man.

As the fellas over at KSK (in particular Big Daddy Drew) brilliantly illustrate in their delightful practice of eviscerating his columns, Peter King, while as plugged in as one can get and a veteran reporter to boot, is also kind of a woodhead. But this latest transgression is beyond the pale even with his track record of espousing ridiculous opinions: yep, on today’s edition of “Morning Joe” on msnbc, King actually went out on a limb and kind of sort of not really but did pick the Lions to make it to the Super Bowl.

The Detroit Free Press has the video, but Steve Schrader was also kind of enough to transcribe the relevant comments:

Geist: “So if I had to put you on the spot right now, nothing like a Super Bowl prediction in July, but who would you put in the game?”

King: “Well, I’m going to give you a little bit of an upset, maybe. But I think the Detroit Lions might …”

Geist: “In the Super Bowl!?”

King: “… Might …. MIGHT! … But I want to see what they do in free agency first.”

Geist: “Peter, you’ve lost your mind.”

King: “I know I have.”

Geist: “Peter King just said the Detroit Lions might be in the Super Bowl.”

King: “MIGHT!”

Geist: “I’ll still keep reading you anyway.”

Now, it should be pointed out that – and I don’t have any hard evidence on this, only my recollection – King’s Super Bowl predictions are usually way off and he always like to go out on a limb and make some outlandish pick. But still…the freaking Detroit Lions? Jebus.

Video: NFL expert Peter King kinda, sorta picks Lions for Super Bowl [Detroit Free Press]