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See? Pete Rose Will Sign Autographs (As Long As He’s Paid For It)

As you might recall, a heckuva hullabaloo was raised recently by one sniveling snot of an autograph hound after Pete Rose would not sign something for him after said autograph hound stalked Rose out of a restaurant. Personally, I have no problem with Rose snubbing this neo maxi zoom dweebie – just because a person’s entire life revolves around the obsession over other people’s signatures on inanimate objects does not mean that a person whose signature is worth something isn’t entitled to some privacy.

But as you can see above (as well as below), Pete Rose is more than willing to grant people the honor of owning something with his Herbie Hancock scribbled on it, just as long as he’s well-compensated for it, of course. It’s capitalism, baby.

On Tuesday night, Rose was at the Castleton Square Mall in Indianapolis for an autograph signing session for the store Collector’s Den.


Rose, who does about 180 signings a year in Las Vegas as well as a handful of other events in other cities, said it was the third time he signed for a tattoo. It’s not the strangest request he has had, however.

“A long time ago, a guy asked me to sign a waffle with a silver pen,” Rose said.

A waffle with a silver pen? That’s kooky talk! Sure, not as kooky as if the guy had asked him to sign a silver pen with a waffle (I mean, how would that even be possible?), but I suppose that goes without saying.

And holy crap, 180 signings per year in Las Vegas alone? Man, Rose is probably earning some pretty decent scratch with this gig. Not too shabby, although I wonder what he does with all the money. I suppose spending so much time in Vegas, he goes and sees a lot of those big shows and stuff and then gets to bed early. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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