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Mountain West Conference Won’t Allow Boise State To Wear Blue Jerseys At Home

You know, because the turf at Bronco Stadium is also blue, giving the team an unfair advantage over their opponents. Or something equally ridiculous and stupid.

Broncos head coach Chris Petersen made the announcement regarding the idiotic demand by the MWC, which was a condition that the school needed to agree to in order to join the conference. It will only be enforced during MWC conference games.

Via USA Today:

League commissioner Craig Thompson said Tuesday that other coaches thought wearing the blue uniforms on the blue turf at Bronco Stadium gave Boise State a competitive advantage.

BSU has worn all blue uniforms at home for several years and has a 77-2 home record since 1999. Peterson says they’ll still wear blue for nonconference home games.

The rule doesn’t apply to schools that have green uniforms and play on green fields, like Colorado State or Hawaii.

Wow. That is about the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I can see it now: Boise State against TCU in their first conference meeting.

Inside the Horned Frogs’ pre-opening kickoff huddle: “Alright guys, let’s take it to them! This might be their house, but we are going to own it before the game is over!!!

(players break the huddle)

“Wait! Where did they go? I can’t see any of them! I swear they were running onto the field just a second ago. I guess if the players remain perfectly still they are completely camouflaged! Or is something more sinister at work here? What kind of whacked-out black magic are these Idahoans practicing?”

Stupid. Just plain, kick-you-in-the-crotch-leaving-you-writhing-in-pain-on-a-blue-turf-field stupid.

Boise State can’t wear blue for home MWC games [USA Today]