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Woman Busted Trying To Become Morganna The Kissing Bandit Of Fenway Bullpen

Make that Morganna the Hugging Bandit, but let’s not split hairs here. A die-hard Boston Red Sox fan ran afoul of the law after she tried to gain access to the Boston Red Sox’s bullpen at Fenway Park in order to get a closer look and perhaps snag a hug or two from players at a recent game.

Jacquline R. Perry, of Brattleboro, Vermont was charged Friday with trespassing and disturbing a public assembly for her poorly conceived attempt at having her love for the BoSox requited courtesy of an ill-timed, yet warm embrace.

Via the Boston Herald:

“Detective William Dunn, while working on the paid detail for the Boston Red Sox game, observed the suspect jump from the stands into the restricted area inside the home team bullpen,” the Boston police report described Perry’s Fenway incursion.

“(Perry) stated to officers that she merely wanted to ask a Red Sox player for a hug and had no intentions of causing any harm to anyone,” it said.

Bad intentions or not, it doesn’t take a genius to guess that jumping over the railing and making your way onto the field of play, or, in this instance, the bullpen, is never a good idea. Sadly, times have changed quite a bit since the freewheeling, swinging days of Morganna the Kissing Bandit. First and foremost, security at ballparks are not so patient with anyone gaining access to the playing surface, men or members of the fairer sex, even if said member of the fairer sex happens to be an obscenely large chested women (in Morganna’s case). Further, they are armed with tasers these days. Miss Perry should feel fortunate she wasn’t dropped with non-lethal dose of electroshock justice.

Note: As far as I can surmise, no video exists of the incident as of yet but I’ll keep my eye out for one and update this post as needed.

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