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Takin’ It To The Tweets: You’ll Never Guess Who Was The First Bronco At The Team’s Facility

Of course he was, indeed, Adam Schefter. Of course he was. And do you want to know why? Because Tim Tebow is awesome, that’s why. And despite his not-suitable-for-the-NFL playing style, bases solely on his hard work, gumption, dedication and some righteous blessedness thrown in there for good measure, Tebow will lead the Denver Broncos to Super Bowl championship, that’s why. It’s how he rolls, folks.

No word on whether a Denver Broncos employee let him in or whether Tebow took it upon himself and parted the doors like Moses parted the Red Sea: “LET MY TEAMMATES IN!” he would say.

Sure, we have to assume the former, but it sure would have been pretty cool if it had been the latter.

[via @AdamSchefter]