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Here’s The Mug Shot Of The South Carolina QB Coach Busted For Public Pee-Pee Party

South Carolina Gamecocks quarterbacks coach G.A. Mangus was arrested on Monday night and charged with nuisance conduct after he was caught allegedly urinating in public in Greenville, South Carolina. Mangus is in his third year at the University.

Via USA Today:

South Carolina athletic spokesman Steve Fink said the team was aware of Mangus’ arrest. Team policy calls for any player arrested to be immediately suspended from the team. There was no immediate word on any discipline for Mangus.

The police report said Mangus was unsteady on his feet with a strong smell of alcoholic beverages. Mangus faces a $470 fine if he is convicted.

Strong smell of alcoholic beverages? You don’t say. Studies show that 4 out of every 5 public pee-pee parties are fueled by the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol. The fifth one, you ask? Incontinence.

As the story indicates, no word on what kind of punishment Mangus will face at this time. But if head coach Steve Spurrier has any say – which I assume he will – Mangus will likely escape severe repercussions from the school. After all, Spurrier knows all about public pee-pee parties…at Augusta National Golf Club even.

UPDATE: Mangus has been officially suspended by the team.

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