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Don Shula Is So Excited Over Lockout’s End His Head Grew To 10 Times Its Normal Size

At least I assume that’s Miami Dolphins coaching legend Don Shula, although it is kind of hard to say for certain, what with the disturbing case of cerebral gigantism which appears to be afflicting the Hall of Famer’s cranial region. But where else would cerebral gigantism afflict a person other than their cranial region? Talk about redundant.

Moving on, now I really have no right to tell a great man like Don Shula how to go about his business or what he should and should not put in his body, but if there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Brain & Nerve Tonic can have hilariously tragic and devastating consequences. Come to think of it, those players celebrating with the fans look abnormally huge, too. Somebody in the NFL should probably look into that.

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