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Wow, These Could Be The Greatest Offseason Photos Of Alex Ovechkin Ever

Alexander Oveckin wearing a burka? Alexander Ovechkin wearing a burka.

While it is certainly a tall order for the Unfrozen Caveman Hockey Player to one-up his already legendary catalog of wacky offseason photos (see here and here for a sampling), I’m sticking to my guns that these three pics could very well be the greatest collection of Alexander Ovechkin living the high life during his time way from the National Hockey League ever.

The Ovechkin-centric site Russian Machine Never Breaks has the details (via Mr. Irrelevant):

…Alex the Great made a surprise appearance during halftime of a soccer match between the Russian Premier League club Anzhi and the defending Russian champions Zenit Saint Petersburg. The local team, Anzhi, honored their guest by presenting him with a traditional Dagestani burka (cape) and papakha (wool hat), as well as the Anzhi supporters scarf. All of these items fit extremely well with one ever-present feature of Alex summer wardrobe — his flip-flops, as reported live by the official Zenit Twitter. Ovi was received with a deafening roar from the stands, with the soccer-themed chants temporarily replaced by the famous Russian hockey call of “Shaibu-Shaibu!”

Awesome. And this comes less than a week from a video emerged of Ovie sporting what appears to be a significant beer gut. Obviously, the bulky burka precludes us from drawing any conclusions regarding whether or not said beer gut was actual or simply the result of a weird camera angle. Still, if Ovechkin is a bit overweight as he enjoys his summer sojourn in Russia, the burka could be the traditional Dagestani equivalent of a mumu for our favorite NHL player. You know, until he works himself back into shape.

Photos: Alex Ovechkin Honored with Hat and Burka at Halftime of Russian Soccer Game [Russian Machine Never Breaks (via Mr. Irrelevant):