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(Photo) Will Ferrell Will Not Be Bothered When He Hosts A Charity Golf Tourney

Leave it to Will Ferrell to take a charity golf tournament, bastardize the entire purpose of it and make it all about him. Essentially, what it all boils down to is that Ferrell does not wish to be bothered with dealing with all the riffraff who will undoubtedly annoy him to no end.

Of course, Ferrell and his handlers, who likely came up with this informative sign for what my best guess is this event, were almost certainly joking, but we cannot be certain of that possibility. You know how those Hollywood bigwigs can be when having to interact with the dregs of society. Kind of like how I get when I am forced to face the multitudes of my many fans that quickly gather around me whenever I leave my home. It’s a tough gig, but that’s part of the deal when you become a blogging celebrity.

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