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Zing! Colts Owner Takes Shot At Jerry Jones When Commenting On Super Bowl XLVI Prep

"Shh! I'm about to tell a joke here!"

As you all know, Super Bowl XLVI will be held next February in the idyllic, tourist-friendly (especially in the winter) locale of Indianapolis, Indiana. As the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, Jim Irsay is among the many individuals whose job it is to ensure that the big game goes off without a hitch, even in the wintry climes of Indiana in February.

While addressing some of the logistical issues related to hosting a Super Bowl in Indianapolis, Irsay stepped up to the mic and performed a little improv comedy, but what made it tremendously amusing is the potshot he took at fellow owner Jerry Jones and the many troublesome developments which arose – some of which Jones had some control over and could assume at least partial responsibility, others that he could not – when Cowboys Stadium hosted Super Bowl XLV earlier this year (via Sporting News):

“We’ve got our snowplows ready and seats counted,” Irsay said.

Ha! Take that Jerry Jones! How do you like them apples! Dude, you just got so burned!

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