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(Video) Young Fan Selflessly Returns Ball Thrown Into Stands To Even Younger Fan

Now that’s how you do it, people. We have had several instances recently where some selfish, despicable and heartless person snatches a ball away from some other person (or a bat, in one instance) that has made its way into the stands that it is refreshing to see how a young Arizona Diamondbacks fan named Ian showed the right way to go about things. More importantly, the video has, in a way, restored my faith in America’s citizenry, in particular its youth.

Here’s how it played out: as Milwaukee Brewers second baseman Rickie Weeks was making his way to the dugout after being out in the field, he tossed a baseball in the direction of a Nicholas, a young Brewers fan, sitting in the stands at Chase Field. But instead of the ball remaining in the possession of the designated fan (Nicholas), the ball ultimately ended up in the hands of Ian. Ian, a young kid in his own right and obviously thrilled at scoring the treasured souvenir, made his way back up the steps in jubilation. But upon realizing that the ball wasn’t meant for him – it was meant for Nicholas – Ian did the honorable thing and gave it to the dejected and heartbroken Brewers fan Nicholas. Awesome.

And best of all, Ian’s classy act didn’t go unnoticed. Diamondbacks broadcasters Daron Sutton and Mark Grace noticed the boy’s charitable act (via Big League Stew):

Sutton: “Are you kidding me, this kid is going to do this?”

Grace: “That is big time, right there!”

Sutton: “Oh my goodness!”

Grace: “What a nice young man!”

Even better, Sutton and Grace had Nicholas up for a visit to the broadcast booth and rewarded him with tickets to an upcoming game as well as an autographed bat from Justin Upton, his favorite Arizona player.

Once again. Awesome. Thank you, Ian, for restoring my faith in humanity. At least temporarily, until the next time some jerk ruins it for everyone again. But for now, I’m going to celebrate the inherent goodness in each and every one of us, displayed so admirably by this young kid.

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